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Looking for an online course or live workshop? We provide a variety of faith based financial education programs, workshops and Bible studies that are geared towards helping you become a better manager of Gods resources. Click here to sign up for a class online or look for a live workshop near you.


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Want to save more money? Organize your financial life? How about earn an extra $500 -$1000 in one month. Click here to find out more about our Free wealth building challenges and Join others taking the leap to improve their financial strength.

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Looking for information about how to improve your financial situation? Whether it is getting out of debt, budgeting tips, or motivation to go after your God given purpose, We’ve got you covered. Check out the most recent article and video posts below.

Episode 5: How to Claim What God Has For You!

My best friend tells a great story about losing his bike in college that taught me a valuable spiritual lesson. Check out this latest video to find out what a bike has to do with knowing how to claim what God has for you.    ...

Episode 4: Four Financial Moves You Need To Make This New Year!

Most people make some kind of resolution for New Years, but unfortunately most people never keep them. Check out the latest video and learn about the best financial moves you can make this new year that you will be glad you made. Happy New Year!...

Things Your Young Kids Need to Know About Money!

When playing a game of Monopoly with a child, it amused me that she would trade anything for the blue dollars. To her, blue was desirable and valuable. Numerical value meant nothing. Many children think similarly. Money is another object for them to accumulate. Its...

The Challenges of “Two Becoming One” Financially

Salaries and budget sheets are unlikely to be on the minds of a couple as they exchange vows at the altar. In fact, many couples don’t talk much about money before marriage. Believing that God has gifted them with a spouse, people often embark on what the Bible calls...

Episode 3: More Than A Mom. A Message For Mothers That Want It All!

Check out the latest video just in time for Mother's Day. In this episode I talk about being a Mom and chasing after your calling. You are mom yes, but you are so much more. If you enjoy the video please like and share with a mother that may need to hear this message....

FREE TO GIVE – ( How to Give Freely)

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” -Nelson Mandela I attended a church service one Sunday that changed my view on possessions. After each mass, we have a discussion about...

3 Signs Money is Mastering You!

Money can be a brutal master. The implications of letting your money master you has affects both on your spiritual health and your lifestyle. For instance, idolizing wealth can distract you from your walk of faith while also leading you to make poor spending choices....

How to Get Started Chasing Your Dream?

Undoubtedly one of the questions I hear the most as it relates to going after your dreams and fulfilling the call of God on your life is… How do I get started? Watch this video and find out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Tf97HB_Pns
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